How could anyone carry out these inhumane actions?

Mourners in the Place de la Bourse, Brussels, last Wednesday evening
Mourners in the Place de la Bourse, Brussels, last Wednesday evening
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Last week’s heinous attacks in Brussels are another reminder that nowhere is safe.

The strategic thinking behind the killing of more than 30 innocent civilians utterly appals me. And to see that justice is one step closer gives me some satisfaction.

It is saddening to acknowledge we live in a world which is broken and where people are easily manipulated.

Families are being pulled apart in areas of the world as a result of individuals joining extremist groups. And a majority of the time the siblings of those who are being radicalised are oblivious to what is going on.

There is an ongoing concern regarding what these terrorists are being exposed to.

There have been several stories over the years of radicalisation taking place within bedrooms – behind closed doors.

I imagine the panic and media coverage of the attacks only fuels a terrorist’s hunger to continue.

How could anyone carry out these inhumane actions?

My heart goes out to those who now have to live with the fact their loved ones were killed by another human being simply because of their killer’s so-called beliefs. Beliefs which have been twisted and which do not represent the views of the vast majority of Muslims.

There has been a strong sense of solidarity across the world to stand up to the work of those carrying out the attacks.

President Barack Obama spoke of how we should be together regardless of nationality and belief. I totally agree.

Other major leaders also promoted the importance of solidarity.

We live in the 21st century and should aspire to see limited division across the globe.

There will always be politics which will continue to lead to disagreements and heated discussions, but that shouldn’t be a reason not to stand up for each other during times of terrorism.

It appears to be something most nations can relate to.

The 9/11 attacks, the London bombings, the Paris attacks, Charlie Hebdo, the list goes on.

We need to be a generation which is not continually looking over its collective shoulder in fear.

As main airports across Europe place their security at the highest level possible we need to stand shoulder to shoulder with other nations.

Many believe it is likely we will see another attack.

Therefore we should be resilient and strong in our approach to whatever dreadful event takes place next.