How could so many people make such a barmy decision?

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Surely the clue was in the title?

When readers of Glamour magazine cast their votes in its best-dressed women of 2011 awards, there really shouldn’t have been any doubt about what was being asked of them.

Yet enough of them mis-read the brief to make a five-year-old girl hit the dizzy heights of number 21 in the annual style poll.

Frankly, you can’t get barmier than that.

Little Suri Cruise – sproglet of actors Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – is apparently the envy of many grown women. How odd is that?

But don’t blame the child.

A parent who allows such a little girl to own lipstick, high heels and such a vast collection of outfits – in spite of her tender age – really needs to do some soul searching.