How did strong-minded me end up being hypnotised?

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I’ve been strong-minded all my life, anyone in my family will tell you. ‘Headstrong, that Cheryl’ – that’s what people have always said about me.

It’s been a hindrance at times and a blessing at others, but something happened to me this week that made me question just how strong-willed I actually am.

I was hypnotised and, honestly, I was gone. I decided to participate in a hypnotherapy session held by Kay Howard at the Lakeside 100 business centre.

Kay specialises in gastric band hypnotherapy, which is an alternative for people who have thought about having a surgical procedure to lose weight.

Now I don’t consider myself to be someone who needs to lose weight. Well, maybe the odd pound here and there when I fluctuate.

But I was intrigued, so I asked Kay if she would work her magic on me. We had the usual meetings and sessions beforehand and I admit to having reservations.

Yet after Kay’s first session of ‘mindful eating’, I can honestly say I instantly noticed a difference. It was all about being ‘mindful’ about what you consume and if you do it properly you notice you get full up really quickly.

Okay, I thought, could be pure coincidence. But then I went under hypnosis and it was the strangest feeling.

I was completely and utterly in a trance and let my mind be taken over.

When the session was over, I went home and had a mince pie. Now call me nuts, call it co-incidence, call it what you like, but after three mouthfuls I could not consume another bite!

Whatever the reason behind it, it really did work. I was absolutely stunned that I, Gobby Gibbs, someone who has an answer for everything, someone who is considered headstrong and determined, could be totally taken over by hypnotherapy.

When you read this I’ll be in New York, eating what I want. But I just know that I will not be able to finish my portions.

Will this be because of the American habit of supersizing everything, or will it be all down to Kay’s hypnotising handiwork?

At the moment, I don’t know. But when I get back, I’ll be stepping straight on to those scales.