How great would it be to go and pick your own produce?

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My partner and I are slowly turning into Tom and Barbara Good from The Good Life. It’s not exactly self-sufficiency, but Sarah has started to grow herbs, tomatoes and potatoes.

We are half-way through our 30-day delivery diet (where healthy meals our brought to our home) and the results so far have been quite amazing.

I’ve lost a stone in weight and my general feeling of well-being has risen beyond measure.

Maybe I have slight allergies to wheat or lactose, but since cutting out bread and milk I feel so much better.

We all have those days where we feel low and miserable, like we are walking in a fog. Well let’s just say that after a few days on this diet, the fog lifted and it’s been warm and sunny ever since!

My worry now is what will happen after the diet when we have to fend for ourselves again. You see, we don’t seem to know what the best things are for us to eat.

I’m certainly learning about portion size and the benefits certain foods give, such as those high in protein releasing their energy slowly.

I’m done with trans fats and refined sugar with their highs and lows. I’m fed up with the slump after a heavy meal full of carbohydrates. Yes it’s true, I’m turning into a food bore!

Hence the growing. Sarah is now talking about an allotment. The gardens where we live in Priddy’s Hard at Gosport are the size of postage stamps, plus our dogs will no doubt water our vegetables daily. So the thought of some extra land is really appealing.

Fresh vegetables are a must in any well-balanced diet, we all know that. But imagine how great it would be to just go up to your plot and pick your own?

Before I never understood the mentality of someone who went to all that effort. I would look at messy allotments and think they were full of 70-year-olds using them as an excuse to escape from the wife. But no, it was me being the uneducated fool.

The satisfaction of eating your own produce must be great, along with the health benefits of exercise and nutrition.

But I wonder how our neighbours will react when I mention we’re thinking of getting chickens?