How has she got a plus-size range when she’s a size 10?

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I’ve always kind of admired Kelly Brook. She’s not really famous for anything other than being famous, but she’s gorgeous, has got a cracking personality and generally the girl’s done good.

What I’ve always admired most about her, though, is the fact she’s never been afraid to show off her curves and I think for that she’s a fab role model.

But what I don’t quite get is how this week she’s launched her own plus-size fashion range when she’s a size 10?

Her range is for women from a size 10 to size 32 and good on her for doing it.

But surely it’s a little odd that this collection calls itself ‘plus-size’ when in fact a size 10 is a very healthy and slim shape?

Perhaps I’m taking it a bit too personally. As a size 10, I do not need plus-size clothes!