How my long, dark fringe held up filming of TV show

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This week I’ve had a blast because I’ve been filming a new TV series to go out on Sky called Gossip Match.

It’s for Trace Sports Stars, an international TV channel which has recently launched in the UK.

It broadcasts in more than 100 countries, so I’m hoping this could be the start of big things to come!

I’ve absolutely loved being in the studio and was thrilled when the channel asked me to be the main anchor.

I’m presenting it alongside two other presenters – Simon Atkins and Jade Avia – and we have different guests that come in to talk about the issue in each episode.

They always centre on the lives of sports stars, so we’re discussing issues rather than the actual sport.

For example, this week we’ve battled it out about Tiger Woods and his infidelity and Lance Armstrong and doping.

As the main anchor, it’s my job to do all the linking pieces to camera and basically keep the whole show together.

I do a variety of auto-cue presenting and ad-libbing, both of which I’ve done before.

But the challenge for me this week was having to use an earpiece – something I’ve never done.

What this means is I have a director and producer barking in my ear throughout the entire show, giving me directions, telling me what question to ask next, or asking me to turn to a different camera and do a summing up.

Whatever it is, they’re talking to me throughout the show and I wasn’t sure how I’d find it. But I actually rather enjoy it, probably because I like being able to hear what’s going on behind the scenes too!

Anchoring the show, reading off auto-cue and having an earpiece all went smoothly, but the one thing that caused a huge problem and actually held up filming was my hair.

Aside from the constant remarks about how much hair I have (I haven’t heard that before), it was my long, dark fringe that was constantly overshadowing my eyes and we had to keep stopping for hair and makeup to sort it out.

I felt like a real plonker and after day one I went straight to the salon for another trim – my third in a week!