Hugh Grant is a much better actor than we had suspected

All he wanted was his baked potato filled with beans and cheese...

STEVE CANAVAN: Pronged attack could have left me a goner  

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A daughter of some friends spent several years catering for the needs of first class passengers on a well-known transatlantic airline.

When I asked her to name the most obnoxious passengers she had encountered (as any self-respecting hack would), she replied: ‘Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley.’

It came as no surprise, therefore, to hear American TV show host Jon Stewart describe Grant as a pain in the nether regions because of the rude and dismissive way in which he had treated his backroom staff.

It’s all a far cry from the fey, simpering, tousle-haired creature who spearheaded the luvvie tendency’s cause during the Leveson Inquiry.

He’s obviously a far better actor than any of us ever suspected.