Humans cannot digest sand

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Can the human stomach digest sand?

It’s a question that bothered me last week as I sat on the beach watching little Jack thoroughly enjoying himself.

Now to you and me, eating sand would seem revolting, the crunching between one’s teeth alone sending a shiver down the spine. We just wouldn’t do it, would we?

But that’s where Jack has an advantage. At the ripe old age of one, he only has one tooth. So there is no horrible crunching or crackling to be endured.

In fact he enjoys it so much he sat there for the best part of three hours, scooping up sand with his little red spade and shovelling it into his portly little chops.

I did manage to divert his attention for nearly eight seconds by crafting a sandcastle.

Then I tried to persuade him that sand is a building material and should not be regarded as one of his five a day. But he prefers to eat it.

Anyway, back to my original question. After being on an extended nappy shift post our beach visit, I can categorically say the answer is – no.