Humans naming another world’s moons? What planet are we on?

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After weeks of online ballot casting by people around the world, the poll asking the public to name two of Pluto’s moons, currently called P4 and P5, has ended.

The name top of the poll was ‘Vulcan’, suggested by Star Trek legend William Shatner. But I have a problem with this. Why should humans be allowed to choose the names of two of Pluto’s moons?

For one thing, they’re not our planet’s moons and we don’t know for sure that there’s no life on Pluto, so surely it should be up to whatever creatures that may live on Pluto to decide.

And also we had a chance to name our own moon and what did we call it? ‘The Moon’.

Why should we be allowed to choose names for another planet’s moons if we can’t even think up a decent one for our own?

I was reading about this bloke and his family who’ve been trying to source everything they use in their lives from Britain.

You know what one item they struggle most with? Light bulbs. Apparently, you just can’t get any British-made light bulbs any more.

And I was thinking, how ridiculous is that?

If another country wanted to invade us, it would be easy. They’d just blockade up so we couldn’t import any light bulbs, wait for the ones we have to die and then attack us in the dark!

I think I’ve reached what I call ‘Loyalty Card Saturation Point’. That’s when you end up with so many shop loyalty cards in your wallet that it just becomes too much of an effort to find any of them when you’re at the till and you’re asked for one.

It’s reached that stage where if the cashier asks me if I’ve got a loyalty card, I just end up lying.

But I don’t say ‘No, I don’t have one’, because that means they start with the pitch of trying to make you take one out.

I’ve just started saying ‘I haven’t got it on me’. And the cashier looks at me and she absolutely KNOWS that I’m lying. Does anyone else tell this loyalty card lie, or is it just me?