Humbled in the gym by a pensioner | Rick Jackson

Get Rick Fit has been the mantra in the past couple of weeks. I suppose it’s my own fault really, as I keep talking about being unfit and a little overweight.

Wednesday, 13th November 2019, 5:03 pm
RIPPED: Will Rick look like Dwayne Johnson by Christmas?

My colleagues told me to report to a chap called Sean who runs SC Vital Fitness at Farlington.

I checked the website, I’d never done this sort of thing before.

I really don’t know what I’m doing at the gym. I watch other people secretly and try to do what they do… usually taking off a few weights first.

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I’m too self-conscious to try anything more than a few weight machines and I’m put off by people watching themselves in the mirror as they pump iron.

This place is different though.

As well as a trainer with you for the session, you have some work-out buddies too.

My first training buddy was a chap called Roger. He had been going to this gym for a year and was 66 years old. He ‘whooped my ass’, as the Americans would say.

I rested while he carried on doing his exercises. It taught me an interesting lesson.

There are usually three or four groups of four working out with their trainers, groups of women, men and mixed groups.

It’s actually a good laugh as you get to know people. I wasn’t expecting to have fun at the gym.

I’m also being helped with my nutrition.

I like it when I’m told nothing is off limits, but use the plate model of a fist-sized portion of carbs, a palm-sized portion of protein and two fists of veg.

After my first session almost all bodily functions the next day hurt because we had done squats and lunges. Two days later, the top half took a beating. But after three sessions I’m aching less and feeling better all over.

With no caffeine after midday, I’m sleeping much better too because I’m getting my nutrition right and my muscles are starting to get used to the work.

I may not be ripped by Christmas, but I hope to be by my summer holiday. Wish me luck!


Funeral reality check has inspired me to do more

I’ve just been to my third funeral is as many months. Three people gone too soon.

Yes they’re sad affairs but at the same time there has been laughter at each of them with amusing anecdotes during the eulogies. You also hear all the positive things about that person and it makes you reflect somewhat on yourself and what you do with your time on this wonderful planet.

My favourite quote from the service this week came from the vicar telling us when we arrive at the pearly gates, God asks just one question. ‘Did you enjoy your time on my creation?’ I knew my answer would definitely be ‘yes’ although I want to do more. It’s now time to do those things.


So, 50 really is the new 35 – what a relief!

This weekend I’m going to a friend’s 50th birthday. I can’t quite believe it.

We’ve been friends since my early 20s and although I’m four years off this milestone, I can’t believe my friend is reaching it.

When I was 21, I thought 50 was ancient.

Do today’s 21-year-olds still think this?

My friend, I would say, is still rather cool at 50. He goes to festivals, has really good taste in music and dresses well.

He’s one of those guys who can shop in Hollister and Superdry but not look like he’s trying too hard.

It’s difficult to take in that when we were going to raves in the early ’90s, that was almost 30 years ago.

It’s definitely fair to say that 50 is the new 35.