I admire De Niro's courage for speaking out about Trump in video

Did you used to find yourself in a conversation with people where they'd start debating politics and your eyes would kind of glaze over?

Friday, 14th October 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:26 pm
Robert de Niro

Well, I think a lot of people have felt like that because they couldn’t see the point in understanding politics when the ‘little guys’ weren’t heard anyway.

But I reckon that’s all changing this year as more and more people are becoming engaged in politics and have strong opinions.

I saw it earlier this year following the referendum decision to leave the EU.

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The whole ‘are you in or out?’ debate became a hot topic for most people.

Although it caused a lot of controversy and argument, I do think it created a healthy shift where ‘everyman’ started to get involved in the future of this country.

Regardless of the outcome, that has to be a good thing.

At some point I bet that you’ve found yourself engaged in the current US Presidential election race. I know I have, although not quite in the same way as Brexit, more in a shocked ‘how on earth is Trump a genuine candidate?’ way.

I’m baffled. How did it get to this point? I very rarely give my opinion on politics and didn’t throughout the entire EU decision process, but this situation in America is outrageous.

I think Robert De Niro’s video earlier this week that has since gone viral pretty much sums it up. The Hollywood actor questioned how America had got to such a state where Trump is one of the frontrunners to lead the country.

How could someone who comes across as rude, arrogant, ignorant, sexist and racist genuinely replace President Obama?

I don’t get it and I urge you to watch De Niro’s video. It’s rare for someone in his position to speak so freely about such a topic and I admire his courage.

It’s okay to sit back and think ‘it’s happening in America and doesn’t affect us’, but boy it will if Trump gets voted in.

I’d be fearful for the whole world with Trump in the White House.

I just hope that won’t be the case when the votes are cast and the decision made – on my birthday of all days.

November 8 – let’s hope it’s a good day.


I’ve started my Christmas shopping.

It wasn’t intentional and we don’t really have the spare cash to be so well-organised, but I didn’t really have a choice.

On Saturday I took my mum out for lunch at Stansted House at Rowlands Castle and she said she wanted to have a nose around the garden centre (like she always does).

Anyway, as the time passed and Matt and I started to lose the will to live, she came marching over with a pair of gardening gloves that, apparently, she’d ‘always wanted’.

Really? They’re just gardening gloves, mum.

Well, they were in the basket in a flash and that’s now started a snowball effect of Christmas purchases.

Two down, about 40 more to go!


So Khloe Kardashian has broken the family silence that has been maintained ever since her sister Kim was robbed in Paris just over a week ago.

Khloe appeared on the Ellen show in the US and was naturally quizzed over her sister’s ordeal.

She revealed that the family are now re-evaluating what they share with the world on social media.

That’s because critics are claiming that Kim made herself a target for robbers by flaunting her riches for everybody to see.

This will no doubt be hard for the Kardashian clan, given that they’ve made their fame and fortune by doing just that.

But most of them have children of their own now and safety has to be their number one priority.