I admit that I’m a techno nerdess

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As you know folks, I’m a techno nerdess. Even my pink – yes, pink – keyboard and mouse groan: ‘Oh no, naff orf nerdess.’

But my dislike of the PC is deeper rooted. When I was 16, Ma enrolled me in a Pitman’s shorthand and typing course – twice. And twice I was slung out for talking.

Also, a keyboard is a keyboard and that means typing. And I hate typing and sitting still.

I don’t do gadgets either. Recently, I bought a tin opener. The stupid thing wouldn’t attach to the can.

Obviously a design fault, so I prepared to return to the shop and complain loudly.

Luckily, I bumped into a girliepal who quickly flicked half the handle open.

‘That’s how it works,’ she said.

Harrumph. Well, there should have been instructions with it.