I admit that it’s normally me shouting at strangers

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Last Friday I cycled down to Meon Shore beach with my kids for a barbecue.

Unfortunately the wind prevented me from lighting up on the beach, so in an effort to avoid it I placed my barbecue on a gravel path in between two hedges.

I did wish I’d got the staff to come and have a word, or even chuck them out

This time my natural windbreak worked a treat, I got a flame going and cooked a brilliant meal, somehow managing not to burn anything.

Once I had finished my cooking I accidentally left my barbecue on the gravel path and a lady jogging with her dog nearly got a face full of hot charcoal.

She shouted at me: ‘What a stupid place to leave a barbecue’.

I apologised and tried to explain it was the only place I could shelter from the wind.

I must admit normally it’s me shouting at strangers.

For instance I frequently find myself shouting at owners of aggressive, unfriendly dogs that aren’t on leads.

Also the other day somebody parked a bit too close to my driveway and I had to tell them to move.

They ignored me.

Lou: Sometimes I wish I was braver when it comes to telling off strangers.

I was recently sat in the cinema watching a really sad film about the Second World War, alongside three or four girls who were about 14.

After about five minutes they seemed to get bored of the film and started texting their mates and giggling about stuff on Facebook.

I waited to see if they settled down, but I ended up angrily whispering ‘shut up!’ at them, followed by ‘are you even watching this?’

But to no avail.

I was glad I’d said something to them, but after nearly three hours of them nattering through what was supposed to be a poignant, thought-provoking film, I did wish I’d got the staff to come and have a word, or even chuck them out.

Actually it’s quite amazing that I was the only one who said anything at all. I certainly didn’t enjoy the film, so I doubt anyone else managed to watch it properly either.

The fact that I can’t even remember which film it was says it all!