I can see how the ownership rules may prove problematic

Zella is taking the war on plastic into her own hands

ZELLA COMPTON: We don’t have time to wait for the government to take action on plastic

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There’s so much to be done when away on a project like this.

On top of the TV series we’re filming – A Vegetarian Abroad – I’m also doing a huge multimedia travel campaign for Live Share Travel and Travel Dudes – two online travel magazines.

One of the devices we’ve been using to take certain photos is the Instagram app which allows you to slightly alter and enhance the colour of the picture.

I hear that celebrities are now trying to campaign against Instagram in a row over who owns the copyright. My spies tell me Kim Kardashian is leading this movement.

When you do very well out of selling exclusive pics of yourself, I can see why Instagram rules about ownership may prove problematic.