I can’t understand how Jim’s old vest can be worth £300

Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile
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Jimmy Savile proved he was the ultimate optimist when he insisted on his coffin being placed at an angle of 45 degrees in a cliff-top cemetery at Scarborough so he could gaze out over the sea for eternity.

But even he would not have dreamed that one of his old string vests would fetch up to £300 at an auction.

But that is the estimate being placed on this particular item when his estate comes under the auctioneer’s gavel this summer.

A Rolls Royce valued in excess of £200,000, and assorted lumps of bling expected to fetch several thousands, I can understand.

But a perforated under-garment for £300?

As the man himself might have said: ‘Goodness gracious! How’s about that then?’