I can’t cope with another Frozen film and musical! – Rick Jackson

I’m sure many parents across the country will be dreading this autumn.  You see, the Disney movie Frozen has been a phenomenon. It’s the most watched animated movie of all time.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 1:42 pm
Updated Wednesday, 20th March 2019, 1:46 pm
Frozen the musical will be at London's West End later this year.

Millions watched it, downloaded the music and had to buy the outfits so our children look like Anna and Elsa.

In our house, the walls rumble to the strains of Let It Go, Do You Want To Build A Snowman and the cute, cuddly snowman Olaf singing In Summer.

Our daughter loves to dress as Elsa and dance merrily in the kitchen to whatever song from the movie is played.

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Sometimes, it’s all I can put on in the car – no chance of listening to the football. 

Well the dreaded news broke this week.

News that will send shockwaves through the homes of millions of parents of young children across the UK.

Frozen: The Musical is coming to London.

That probably means it will go on tour and one of the first places it will come I’m sure will be The Mayflower Theatre in Southampton.

Coupled with this, Frozen Fever will turn into meltdown as the second Frozen movie is released at the end of November.

I really don’t think I can take it!

More songs to hear over and over again, more outfits to buy and more ‘Frozen Parties’ to go to.

I thought our children’s obsession with Peppa Pig was pretty deep, but Peppa is now discarded as our two daughters have become fully obsessed with Frozen.

I can see it now – hundreds upon hundreds of children queueing to get into their nearest cinema all dressed up as the ice queen or her singing sister.

That sure is a lot of polyester and I’m sure movie theatres will be on full alert with all that static electricity that will build up, not to mention the fire hazard!

I have a sneaky suspicion Holly’s birthday in November and Christmas will be rather expensive with trips to London and the cinema.

Plus another load of Frozen dresses, lunch boxes, CDs, books and anything else slightly related. You name it, I am probably going to have to get it...

Damn you Disney!


Netflix account hopping is ending – goodbye box sets

Have you been watching Netflix for free? Many of us have been sharing the password of a family member or a mate and hopping on to their profile.

This means you can watch it for nothing from the comfort of your own home, whilst the subscriber does the same. This is about to end. Don’t ask me how they are going to do it, but very soon, a new system will put an end to account sharing.

So if you are logging on to someone else’s account, best take a week off work and binge on those box sets now before they switch you off!

If you have a HD Freeview TV, bin Sky and Virgin and just subscribe to Netflix, it’s much cheaper. Don’t tell Rupert Murdoch I said that!


After the MySpace crash, I’m nervous about cloud drives

Here’s a warning if like me, you store all your precious photographs and home movies on a cloud provider from the likes of Apple or YouTube.

MySpace, the first social network recently upgraded one of it’s servers and accidentally deleted millions of songs, photos and videos stored on there between 2003 and 2015!

Back in the day, we’d take our 24 or 36 roll of film to the developers, then put those photos in an album.

Now, I have 23,000 odd images floating around on the cloud. After the MySpace news, I’ve loaded everything on to a solid external hard drive and put it in the family safe.

All my images and movies are far to valuable to leave just floating in the atmosphere!