I caught culprit red-handed

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All children lie. Sometimes it is quite funny when they are asked a question and you can see their minds whirring, with steam almost coming out of their ears, as they try to find an excuse.

For example, recently I discovered that red felt tip pen had been used to write on our wooden dining table.

But when both my daughters were asked which one was the culprit, they denied any wrongdoing.

Of course the detective dad in me knew an easy way to find out – just look at their hands. The guilty party was literally caught red-handed.

But since then, both girls have realised that I want them to be honest and they get praise for this. So sometimes they will admit to something they haven’t done to appear more honest.

This came back to haunt me when I told both daughters that I’d bought a cake for their mum’s upcoming birthday, but not to tell her.

When their mum asked them about their day they couldn’t hold in the truth and announced that ‘daddy has bought you a cake’.