I’d better keep a beady eye on those home appliances

COMMENT: All agencies must to held to account for Anne Savidge’s tragic death

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During the total eclipse of 1999, a friend of mine hid in the back of his van because he thought the world would end!

We survived the millennium bug. Planes never fell out of the sky and our computers didn’t die.

Nor did we get toasted in a fireball of armageddon proportions.

But according to experts, the human race is due to become extinct and we’ll join the other 99 per cent of all species who’ve already croaked it.

We’ll become just an entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica – not that we’ll be around to read it though.

The robots will have to do that. They’re the ones taking over you see.

I’d better keep my beady eye on some of those home appliances...