I'd even struggle to answer questions on my own life

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I remember watching Mastermind as a child and finding it the most boring programme in the world. I couldn't connect with it on any level.

It was while flicking through the channels the other night, looking for something to while away the monotony of ironing, that I happened to chance on it again.

If you're looking for an emotional ride, that's a show to watch. It was so painful to see the contestants fail at their specialist subjects. You'd think that they'd know the questions will contain googlies – such as so-and-so's mother's aunt's name – but still they were repeatedly flummoxed.

Even so, they all kept that face of steel through the ongoing pain and the occasional moment of joy. Perhaps the make-up artists are tasked with cementing their features into a deadpan expression to add to the overall gravitas of the show?

And why do some of them choose such long subjects? Like, for example, Gilbert and Sullivan? Already you know that the questions will be lengthy – those aren't snappy names like Smith and Jones – and that precious time will be eaten away by the questionmaster in lengthy, many- faceted queries.

I tell you what, whoever is tasked with researching the questions must have a fabulous time, concocting the most devious quizzes and then trying to work out if they are all spectacularly tricky in each of the specialist subjects.

It wouldn't surprise me if pub quizmasters the country over have a secret desire to reach this highest point of quiz setting.

The general knowledge session was quite an eye-opener as well. I could answer loads of questions – and if the ones that I knew the answers to had all been asked of me (instead of spread across four contestants) I could have come home with a respectable score.

But then I'd never enter. I have a huge amount of respect for the people who put themselves up there in contests of these types. But it's with sadness that I've realised I don't have a specialist subject – as I don't have a nerdish fascination with anything.

As I struggle to remember what I've written in my column on a week-to-week basis, I'd even be rubbish at answering questions on my own life.