I’d love to see ‘suspended coffees’ take off in the UK

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I heard a lovely heartwarming story recently that I wanted to share with all of you.

It would be fantastic if it were to take off here in the UK and it’s so simple.

Ever heard of a ‘suspended coffee’? No, neither had I. The tradition began in Naples, Italy but has now started to spread all over the world.

Some old friends of mine and their children were holidaying in the outback of Australia a few months ago and entered a little coffee shop.

After giving their order, they went to sit down at a table when a couple came in and approached the counter and asked for two coffees for themselves and two suspended.

They paid, took their two drinks and left. My friend, being the curious sort, asked the waitress: ‘What are ‘‘suspended’’ coffees?’

To which the waitress replied: ‘Wait and you’ll see.’

Next, a group of bankers came in and asked for five coffees and three ‘suspended’.

My friend still could not work it out and her husband was baffled too.

As they chatted, enjoying the view and watching the children play in the sun, an elderly gentleman appeared in the doorway dressed in shabby clothes.

He came up to the counter and kindly asked: ‘Do you have a suspended coffee’?

It’s so easy. People pay in advance for a coffee or tea for someone who cannot afford a soothing beverage.

In some places you can get a drink, sandwich or whole meal.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have cafes and coffee shops here in England where the less fortunate folk among us could get hope and support?

If you have a business, why not offer this service to your customers? I’m sure many of them would like to show a random act of kindness to another human being.

I would really love to see this happen here and would gladly buy someone a drink or meal that really needed it.

Starbucks is already trying this scheme in many of its shops.

Just think Mr Starbuck, if you made two suspended coffees half-price, you could then claim it back in tax!