I’d want people looking at me on my big day, not Gary

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Last summer Gary Barlow famously appeared at a fan’s wedding and sang to her.

Then over Christmas he performed at Miranda’s wedding in the TV show and now it looks like he’s making a habit of it.

Last week he announced on Twitter that he will sing at three more weddings this year. But not just any old fan’s weddings. They have to be HUGE fans.

He’s even asked for them to stalk him on Twitter, a slightly strange request in my opinion.

He must already have enough women poring over his Twitter feed. Why give them any more encouragement?

But stalking him they certainly are! On the show we heard from two women who are absolutely desperate for him to perform at their weddings.

They’ve started Twitter accounts, hashtags, websites and online petitions. You name it, they’ve done it. And they’ll keep doing it until all hope is lost.

But how much notice will he give these couples? Will they postpone booking a band just in case? If you ask me it’s far too stressful.

Plus who wants to be outshone on their special day by a member of Take That? No thanks! On my wedding day I want people looking at me, not the wedding singer!

Jez: Sadly when I got married 15 years ago there were no pop stars offering to perform.

I remember at my wedding the music came from a string quartet who performed well-known classical music.

My favourite was the music from the British Airways advert from the 1990s.

I’ve always been bit of a plane spotter, so this went down very well with me as I tucked into my wedding breakfast.

If I could repeat the experience and get married again, I think I would try to book Coldplay to do the music.

They are one of the world’s best live bands and they haven’t really released anything dodgy yet.

I’ve mentioned on the show before my love for Kylie and Katy Perry, but I feel when it comes to a wedding performance you can’t really have somebody you fancy singing.

This would seem inappropriate and be a possible distraction.