I didn’t see Tom, but I still had a fantastic day full of laughter

It’s important the parade continues – but safely

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What a fantastic day out Ladies’ Day at Glorious Goodwood is.

Now I’m not really a girlie girl. It doesn’t take me three hours to get ready in the morning, I don’t generally wear frocks on a night out and, despite wearing skyscraper heels for work quite often, I’m usually happier in trainers or flipflops.

But that all went out the window when four of us were planning our trip to the races.

Posh frocks were bought, headwear tried on, jewellery discussed and inordinate amounts of time spent thinking about shoes.

And why not? I don’t have a lot of opportunity to get properly glammed up and it made the day more special.

I didn’t see Tom Cruise, but I had a day full of laughter from first to last.