I do his coat up and I even packed him some thermals

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New York is one of the best cities on the planet – there is simply no other way to describe what it’s like out here.

This is the fifth time I’ve been to this amazing place and although I don’t usually opt for going somewhere more than once or twice (after all there are so many other places in this world to see), New York is the exception.

It simply never fails to amaze me. This is my mum’s first time in NY and I’ve been so excited about the prospect of her coming with me.

Although the responsibility of organising our entire itinerary has fallen upon Matt and I (thanks mum) it’s been well worth it.

She’s loved every second of it, as I knew she would. It’s just a magical place, especially this time of year. Although it’s absolutely freezing cold and I fear that by the time I go home I may have a touch of frostbite.

Matt has got slightly fed up with my annoying motherly ways, as he likes to call them – like doing his coat up in the middle of the street if it’s not done up .

I know that’s pretty sad of me, but the boy has arthritis and he doesn’t look after himself like I do, so he’s had no choice but to put up with my slightly over-the-top behaviour. I even packed him some thermals!

He’s been walking around the city like a big ball of cotton wool, but at least he’s not cold!

Changing subject, I’d like to say a big ‘hello’ to Father Bob White from St Mary’s Church in Portsmouth, who told me at Sunday service before we flew out to America that he reads my column every week.

What I love about his services is how relevant he makes them to today’s society. He’s quite the cool vicar, although now I know he reads this every week I must apologise in advance for anything I’ve written that may have been slightly ‘questionable’.

I admit I write this column without ever thinking about who might be reading it, so apologies in advance!

I’m also delighted to be godparent to Isla Paddon, our best friend Russell’s daughter, and they’re holding the christening at St Mary’s – so special as we’re getting married there too.