I do love a bit of retro dear

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Ooo, I do love a bit of retro dear.

Last Sunday I went to the Boutique Market at Portsmouth Guildhall.

There were dozens of stalls from ’50s crockery and clothes to modern crafts and jewellery.

I saw a ’50s teaset just like my Scots gran used when I was a kiddie.

It was her ‘best’ china and only used for Sunday tea, scones, homemade fruit cake and rice pudding with the skin on. Remember that folks?

And then I saw girliepal Julie, the silversmith who used to run Mavrick Dreams in Albert Road.

Suddenly I let out a squeal of delight.

Julie had designed and made gorgeous silver ‘corset’ rings.

Of course I bought one, as everyone knows I have a fascination with Portsmouth’s corset industry.

The Boutique Market is brilliant for gifts. Next one is November 25.