I don’t believe that The Hoff and Hayley have found love

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David Hasselhoff has a new love and is not afraid of showing it. Pictures this week were plastered all over the newspapers and websites showing a rather public display of lip-locking between the former Baywatch star and his new love interest – someone he met during filming of Britain’s Got Talent in Wales – at a West End show opening night.

Wow, she’s set up for life now isn’t she? I can see the headlines ‘I was in love with Hoff’, ‘Hoff made my life hell’ etc, etc.

I’d like to think this was a genuine case of fate and true love working its magic. But if you’ve seen the pictures of 31-year-old blonde bombshell ex-model Hayley Roberts with 58-year-old Hoff, I think you’ll be with me on this one. I’m just not buying it.