I don’t dwell on what’s in the powdered froth in my mug

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Are Cup-a-Soups truly the most disgusting food known to humankind? I think they might be.

I really don’t like to dwell on what exactly might be in the powdered froth as I’m chugging it down.

Or indeed why I always seem to cough when I drink one of them (what’s that about? Cup-a-Soups and wine gums are almost guaranteed to make me choke).

This is all being brought home to me as one of the children is studying healthy eating and is honing in on every food label like an exocet missile.

Never mind the calorific content, I wonder how labels would read if we were to put true descriptions on them?

Like Cup-a-Powdered-Slop-That-Concretes-The-Inside-Of-Your-Mug. Now think what that’s doing to your innards...