I don’t fancy wearing Rover or Tibbles as clothes trimmings

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I’d like you to have a bit of a feel folks.

Because my aged goddess newshoundess nostrils started to twitch last week as I felt it.

Was I on the trail of deception, or am I just a little too zealous in uncovering a very controversial fashion issue?

Woof! Miaow! Fancy wearing domestic dog or cat fur?

No, neither would I.

Faux furs or fake (sim-ulated ) furs are really 
the must-have/on trend fashion item for the winter season.

Fake fur is now manufactured to a high standard and really does look and feel like the real thing.

Back in the 1960s when ‘fun furs’ were in vogue, they were just that, fun teddy bear lookalike coats.

You could tell that they were fake furs from a mile away.

But some of the fur collared coats I’ve been looking at recently do look and feel like animal fur.

And most I’ve looked at are made in China.

Alarm bells!

A few years ago I wrote about the barbaric fur trade in China.

Cats and dogs skinned alive – it’s unimaginable cruelty.

Since then in 2008, 27 EU countries and the USA banned all real fur trimmings from China.

Anyway, last week I dec-ided to dig a bit deeper, 
and my research was harrowing.

I’m not going to distress you with details folks, it’s very upsetting.

If you want to read the reports on domestic cats and dogs killed on China’s fur farms, you can go to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ).

So you get your jacket, boots, gloves, etc with faux fur trimming home.

How do you tell fake fur from real fur?

The answer is the burn test (just please don’t do this while you’re in the shop darlings).

When fur’s home, if you are still suspicious, pluck out a few hairs.

Using a lighter or match (be careful), try to burn the ends of the hairs.

If the tip of the hair melts, curls up into a small ball and smells like a chemical, it’ s fake fur.

But if the tips of the hair burns and smell like human hair burning – you’ve bought real fur.