I enjoy watching the car park mayhem

This week, I've witnessed, and been at the brutal receiving end, of some of the world's worst and best parking around Fareham.

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 6:12 am

I noticed during the course of this week there seem to be three types of drivers – those who seem to think the road is their personal property, those who absent-mindedly cause problems then flash their hazards as a ‘thank you’ (like me!) and those who drive so slowly, they could cause an accident!

The first parking fail was made by yours truly!

Picture this: I’m on the school run, the engine fails as I turn the corner, meanwhile a lot of the mums thought I’d stopped to let them and their children cross.

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While I had initially waved someone across, after the eighth family had taken advantage of my kind gesture, I was beginning to think I’d parked my car rather inappropriately and to my dismay so did the other motorists who tooted me in the queue I’d caused. Oh the shame!

Somehow I restarted the car and promptly left to hide my red face and desperately tried to drown out my 
daughter’s increased laughter!

The second parking fail I saw this week, happened to be when someone decided to park in MY parking space.

Despite clear signage stating ‘private parking’, the person in question decided to position themselves between a barrier and a renovations skip, then leave the vehicle unattended while they shopped.

I couldn’t get into either of the remaining private parking so left a ‘loving’ note on the offending vehicle windscreen and had to lug my own shopping further home, to my dismay.

The last and most impressive parking I witnessed this week, was a little smart car who parked across two parking spaces, meaning neither of them was then big enough for a normal car to fit into.

I enjoy overlooking a car park and watching the ensuing mayhem people can cause inside it.

I counted at least five cars attempt to fit in one of those spaces before realising it wasn’t big enough and shamefully, one of those cars was driven by me! Oops!

I hope you all have a lovely week.

And remember! Please drive safely and park courteously, with consideration for your fellow drivers.

n Sara Pollard runs Free from Temptation – a small home bakery in Fareham, visit freefromtemptation. co.uk for more.