I feel so guilty about that summer holiday train trip

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Parents everywhere have been stressing out trying to amuse their kids over the school holidays.

This summer I came across a table tennis kit with a net that will clip on to any table and give the kids hours of fun playing ping pong.

I don’t think we’ll be eating at the dining room again any time soon!

Something else that amuses my kids is a garden tennis kit featuring a tennis ball on an elastic string that’s attached to a heavy weight on the floor, similar to swingball.

The kids get to serve aces at Andy Murray speed and the ball doesn’t go over the fence. Brilliant.

I remember as a kid the struggle my mum had to keep me amused. I was a transport geek and she took me on a coach to Heathrow to watch the planes.

I also demanded she take me on a train ride and I can remember she bought a return ticket to Margate on the Kent coast. Upon our arrival in Margate we alighted from the train, crossed over platforms and caught the next train back to London.

I feel so guilty about this horrendous day my mother spent, I owe her a nice day out.

Lou: The papers have been reporting about the thousands of pounds parents have been spending on keeping the kids entertained during the school holidays.

I used to look forward all year to the summer holidays, six whole weeks of freedom.

Of course we went on holiday and had days out, but most of the time was spent playing in the garden with friends. My dad made a bike ramp out of bits of wood which kept me entertained for days,.

He also let us construct a den out of old bits of scaffolding which my sister and I furnished with plastic food and blankets for beds.

We played horses by jumping over garden furniture strewn across the lawn and mum helped us make scrapbooks and let us loose in the kitchen to bake cakes and biscuits.

These are some of my fondest memories, so maybe we’ve all got it wrong and we should save ourselves a lot of time, effort and money and just stay home and let the kids get on with it!