I feel sorry for neglected toys

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Like all children my daughters have got a lot of toys. Some they use often, some not as much and some not at all.

When they use those two words that children regularly use, ‘I’m bored’, I point them in the direction of all the toys they’ve accumulated.

I often stare into the toy box and wonder what the total cost would be if I added up the price of all the toys. It’s probably best I don’t know. In future I’ve decided all new purchases will have to pass the ‘will they actually play with it?’ test. Mostly the answer will be: ‘Yes, for a few days, but then never again’.

I feel sorry for the toys at the bottom of the box which are squashed between other unwanted toys and do nothing but gather dust.

However, my assumption that these toys are unwanted is completely wrong. If any of them goes missing, my daughters notice.

I’ve spent many hours searching the house for a teddy or toy. I have to admit that sometimes they haven’t gone missing though. They’ve just been demoted to the attic.