I find the idea of cosmetic surgery deeply disturbing

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If you had a spare £30,000 to spend, would you splash out and have cosmetic surgery to improve the way you look? I read about a woman who has had jaw surgery, a chin and nose job, liposuction and fillers in her lips.

She still isn’t happy and is reportedly planning to have further procedures costing another £12,500. She now wants cheek implants, teeth veneers, another nose job and eyelid surgery,

Apparently this woman suffers from Body Dysmorphic Syndrome, a medical condition which means she hates the way she looks. Experts reckon 600,000 Brits have the condition and it can cost them their looks, relationships and savings.

There doesn’t seem to be any part of the human body that can’t be tweaked or twiddled with nowadays.

The latest thing is having Botox injected in the balls of your feet, just so you can totter about in high heels day and night. Sounds totally crazy to me,

These foot fillers, or loub jobs as they are sometimes known as after the designer skyscraper shoes Louboutins, have shot up in popularity by 30 per cent over the past year.

There is even a procedure now where you can have your toes shortened just so you can wear smaller shoes!

This costs between £1,500-£3,000 depending on the number of toes. But surely it would look somewhat weird if you just had one toe done?

I recently heard the sad tale of a pretty twenty something woman with a 23-inch waist who has spent £10,000 on having bum-boosting illegal injections.

She now has more booty than JLo and has ended up with a 45-inch bottom,and put her life at risk.

I find the whole idea of having anything cosmetically done for vanity reasons extremely disturbing.

The sad thing is that these women are attractive and really have no need to put themselves under the knife, or have constant painful injections and life-threatening procedures.

It’s just that they can’t see it for themselves. Having said that, I’m a girlie girl and I do enjoy certain beauty treatments such as spray tans, facials and hair extentions. I’m also seriously thinking of trying colonic irrigation – just as soon as the hosepipe ban has been lifted!