I flapped and flapped in my
onesie, but I was still a flop

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If you read my column last week you’ll know I spent my weekend taking part in the Worthing Birdman competition.

It’s an event that takes place every year and basically sees a bunch of crazy people – like me – jump 35ft off the pier at Worthing into the English Channel.

Most people do it for charity, but with only two days’ notice prior to the jump I didn’t have time to fundraise.

So why did I do it? For work, of course, for a video for ITN Productions.

The reporter who was signed up for doing it bailed out because she was too scared and didn’t want to hurt herself so they asked me and, well, I said yes.

Those nice people at Regatta clothing made me an all-in-one outfit which came complete with flapping wings.

Picture a flying squirrel suit and you’ll end up with a vague image of what I looked like.

I was so frightened. I spent the entire lead up to Saturday browsing the internet looking for images and watching videos of previous years’ events in the hope I’d pluck up some courage.

But it didn’t work.

It didn’t help either that I decided to go up the scaffolding to the jumping platform an hour before I was due to jump, to film a link.

It is a lot, lot higher when you’re at the top than I first thought and the nerves set in.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a fab experience and now I’ve done it without suffering any broken bones, I’m glad I did it – another thing to tick off the list.

But I was scared and for two days afterwards I kept picturing the horizon as I jumped off.

It felt like it took forever to hit the water and despite holding my nose (I wanted to be brave and flap my wings, but I just couldn’t – I had to hold my nose) water shot up my nostrils and it took a good few minutes for my hands to stop shaking.

All of this was filmed on camera of course for ITN productions.

It’s on ITN Production’s You Tube page but you can see it via portsmouth.co.uk.

If you want a bit of a laugh and like the idea of seeing me plummet into the ocean, go for it and watch the video.

It’s not my most glamorous moment.