I get the message – it’s time to get fit

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We’re only eight days into January and already I’m being bombarded with adverts informing me that it’s time to get fit and healthy.

I have a feeling the universe is trying to tell me something as, in just one morning last week, I had multiple messages thrown in my direction telling me I should kick start my ‘new me’ lifestyle for 2013.

Firstly, there was an advert on the television encouraging me to eat their dieting product twice a day – for breakfast and then again for lunch, followed by a normal healthy dinner – and in weeks I would lose at least one dress size.

I don’t even know what my dress size is and it sounds a bit sexist to me so I don’t think I’ll be signing up for that one.

Then a few minutes later a pile of junk mail was pushed through my letterbox, one of which was a leaflet advising me to join the local gym.

Apparently I can sign up to a weight loss programme that will meet my needs and make me flab-free in no time.

Of course meeting my needs means at least £30 exiting my bank account every month for at least a year after signing the compulsory 12-month contract.

I think I’ll give this one a miss and anyway, I don’t like the word flab – I prefer to call it insulation.

After I’d put the junk mail in the bin, an advert featuring a celebrity I’d never heard came on the radio. She informed me I should buy her new fitness DVD to make my abs, bum and tum look just like hers.

I have decided to get fit and healthy for this new year as looking after my energetic daughters requires a decent fitness level (I realised this after a recent game of tag left me slightly out of breath).

But it certainly won’t involve diet foods, gym memberships or celebrity fitness DVDs.

I’ve taken the plunge and signed up for the Great South Run. I last did it in 2008 and got the running bug, which meant I became anxious if I didn’t go out for my daily run.

Fast forward five years and I still have the bug, but this time it’s more likely to be a pretend tummy complaint used as an excuse not to put on my trainers.

But now as I have the Great South Run as a target, I’m hoping the training will not only give me the running bug again but also raise my fitness level so that I can play with my daughters without needing a break to catch my breath.

So the new year means a new, healthier me.

Of course, that’s after I’ve finished off the tub of chocolates, the large bag of dry roasted peanuts and pack of cheesy nibbles still left over from Christmas.