I got it wrong, but at least this prince is still available

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I Cheryl Gibbs can admit when I’ve got it wrong. And boy did I get it wrong.

I’ve been saying for some time that Prince Harry would announce this spring that he’s engaged to his girlfriend, Cressida Bonas.

They’ve been together for two years and there’s been chit chat for some time that an announcement was due.

I honestly thought the next statement out of the palace would be just that.

Well, I seriously called it wrongly.

Instead of an announcement about such happy news, it was confirmed this week that the couple have split.

Ooops. I certainly didn’t see that one coming.

But good news ladies, this does mean that our ginger Prince is still available... I’m just saying.

Moving on swiftly, I was delighted to finally meet Pompey legend Alan Knight this week.

I interviewed him as part of a new sports programme I’m producing.

I interviewed Alan and football commentator Mark Mudie, who I know from my days working on 107.4 The Quay.

Alan was so lovely. What a kind gentleman and he was fab on camera too – and of course so was Mark. Boy, do they know their football.

Needless to say, before they came in I brushed up on my football knowledge – football fans (in my previous experience) aren’t very forgiving if you don’t pronounce the names correctly, so I tried my best for Alan and Mark. They were kind enough not to highlight my mistakes.

I’ve also done the voiceover on this programme and the number of times I had to search for the pronunciation online. Seriously, I need to brush up on my sporting knowledge. It’s quite embarrassing.

Alan’s an ambassador for Pompey and I was chatting to him about the club.

It’s lovely to see someone so passionate about something and despite the club’s, how shall I put it, difficult times of late, Alan still firmly believes in their future and it was lovely to hear some positive news.

I love reading his column in The News, but it was even better to finally meet him face-to-face. A genuinely lovely guy.