I guess that squeezing into small spaces is now my job

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In most relationships, household chores are shared out according to skill.

My boyfriend is very tall, so is rather good at changing light bulbs and pruning hedges.

I’m a firm believer that if you want a job done properly, do it yourself

He’s also pretty good at ironing, something I just can’t do, whereas I am far better at cleaning the bathroom and doing the food shopping – so those are my jobs.

But the other day my boyfriend dropped a bottle of olive oil down the annoying gap at the back of our oven. Being the tall, well-built bloke he is, there was no way he could reach it.

So as the smallest and most nimble member of the household, it fell to me to climb up on the work surface and try to reach down to get it.

That didn’t work, so in the end the only way to retrieve the olive oil was to pull the oven out a few inches so I could slide, upside down, behind it to grab the bottle!

I emerged rather dusty, but victorious. So next time someone needs to squeeze into a small space to get something, I guess that’ll be my job.

Jez: In my case I’m a firm believer that if you want a job done properly, do it yourself.

In my house I am the only person allowed to mow the lawn.

I remember once my wife did attempt to cut the grass one Saturday when I was busy at work.

When I returned, instead of being happy I was slightly irritated at my wife’s shoddy efforts.

I like my freshly-cut lawn to have stripes and resemble the appearance of a snooker table.

Unfortunately my wife’s cut had left the edges still bushy and long.

After this poor attempt I explained that in future lawn-mowing was my job.

Another job that only I can do is climbing up a ladder to clean out the upstairs guttering.

I must admit I found this scary, so I’m not surprised my wife leaves this to me.

When it comes to gardening, my wife does all the planting but relies on me to do all the digging.

We have very clay-rich soil and sometimes you really have to put your back into it.

Problem is that when I tried it, I put my back out for a week!