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As any parent with young children will know, things change fast.

For example, one minute you can sit them on the floor as a baby and know they won’t move from that spot, then before you know it they are crawling and grabbing everything in sight, shortly followed by the big milestone of walking.

I look back at photos and video taken from all these stages and wonder how time has gone so fast.

The same could be said when I look through the toy box of my four-year- old daughter Caitlin.

It almost feels like that scene from Toy Story with Wheezy the toy penguin.

He was once his owner Andy’s favourite toy until his squeaker broke, then he was forgotten about and left on the shelf to gather dust.

In another scene you see Andy receive the new Buzz Lightyear toy for his birthday, which has so many impressive features it replaces Woody the cowboy as his favourite toy.

In Caitlin’s toy box there are toys that not so long ago were played with every day and now are left at the bottom of the toy box never to 
be played with again – and usually buried underneath the new favourite toys.

I admit I’m starting to lose track of the latest toy fad. When she was a toddler it was all about Barney the purple dinosaur, then her focus moved onto the popular Peppa Pig.

Soon after it was Spongebob Squarepants that kept Caitlin entertained and now she is into anything that involves a Disney princess.

She loves playing with her Disney princess dolls and watching movies such as The Little Mermaid, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

So would it be possible for Caitlin to meet a princess?

My first thought was the royal family, but even if we did go and stand in the crowd when they do a walk-around, with respect, Princess Anne or the Duchess of Cambridge don’t really look like princesses, well not Disney princess anyway.

My next thought was Disneyland Paris, where princesses are in plentiful supply, but that will involve way too much money.

Then I came up with a plan that won’t involve the royal family or a trip on Eurostar.

This year I have a part in the pantomime at the Kings Theatre, which just happens to be Sleeping Beauty where I’ll be playing the part of Lord Chamberlain.

Caitlin can come along with me, watch the performance and meet Sleeping Beauty.

Who needs Paris when Southsea will do just fine and who needs the fairytale castle when the Kings Theatre is just as stunning and 
will be home to a princess this December?