I hope Harris’s days inside are full of fear and dread

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So poor old Rolf Harris has been the target of abuse in prison, apparently someone called him a dirty nonce and spat at him. A melee then ensued in the prison chapel. The bearded sex offender was apparently cowering among the pews and was shaken by the whole incident.

What the hell did he think was going to happened when he went away?

Was he expecting the other lags to welcome him with open arms?

Maybe he was hoping to win them over with a rendition of Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport and then see out the rest of his days inside drawing pictures in return for tobacco and Rizla?

Unlike Jimmy Savile, who was clearly a wrong-un all along, Harris conned millions by playing on the wholesome family man.

It’s little wonder he is a hate figure inside.

His crimes were disgusting. If he’d kept his hands in his pockets he wouldn’t be where he is.

He exploited his position in society as a celebrity for his own sexual gratification and has displayed no sympathy or remorse.

There’s no red carpet in prison, it can be a violent place and no one gives a monkey’s if you can play a wobble board or not.

And then there are people saying because of his age he should be able to see his time out in peace, some even saying he shouldn’t have been jailed at all.

Are these people mad?

Since when has crime and punishment been dictated by age? While we’re at it, why not let the over-65s do as they want – please collect get out of jail free card with your pension.

Who cares how old he is, what about the age of the kids he abused. I hope everyday he has inside is filled with fear and dread.

I really am astonished people actually feel sorry for him. Harris received a very lenient sentence by all accounts and he is even appealing against this. No doubt he’ll be out in a few months anyway, having spent his time carving didgeridoos in the woodwork class.

He’ll probably be released early for good behaviour and the prison governor will have some excellent paintings to hang in his lounge.