I hope Roy turns out to be England’s answer to Arsene

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I’m trying hard to look at the bigger picture following the appointment of Roy Hodgson as new England manager.

By not speaking to anyone else, the FA has given a clear indication who their number one man is and what they are looking for in Fabio Capello’s replacement.

We now have an English manager, but one with unrivalled European experience against other English managers, taking charge of teams in Italy, Sweden and Switzerland. And don’t forget he took Switzerland to a world ranking of no 3 when in charge.

With a more intellectual approach, we now have a man who will not only mould the first team, but the rest of the England structure. He will also be coaching the coaches.

We’ve been calling for this for years. With a National Football Centre being built at St George’s Park in Staffordshire, we’ll have facilities to match the French, Spanish and Italians.

With Roy at helm, we have the manager with the experience to get the best out of it.

The biggest complaint with Capello was his lack of interest in the rest of the England set up, our future. He just cared about the first team and winning.

Is this why Harry Redknapp wasn’t even interviewed? Would Harry have been too much like Capello for the FA?

With his flair, personality and man management skills, Harry was seen as not only the fans and media favourite, but the players’ choice too. But would Harry be interested in the Under-17s and coach development?

I so hope Roy turns out to be England’s answer to Arsene Wenger, overseeing the whole infrastructure.

But all this won’t matter a jot if he fails to win matches. If this happens, then we’ll all be thinking ‘what would Harry have done?’

I’m sure many elsewhere in the world will respect our new appointment, but in England I fancy the press won’t give him a chance. And is Redknapp the new Brian Clough, destined never to get the top job?

I so hope Roy isn’t the new Graham Taylor, but my gut feeling is the national tabloids have already decided which kind of vegetable he is.