I hope Sheeran enjoyed a pint and pub grub after secret gig

COMMENT: The return of good weather shouldn’t bring dread

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Ed Sheeran has returned to play a secret gig at a Suffolk pub he performed at before his rise to fame.

He played a 45-minute set at the Steamboat Tavern to an audience of about 100 fans.

The thing is if you’re a big star, playing a pub gig is better than playing an arena gig. Here’s why and this is mostly true.

If you play an arena, when you come off stage you’ll usually find there’s no facilities left for you to use, no matter how big a star you are.

All the food and drinks concession stands will be closed because the audiences will be on their way home, and once these places are empty, they’re just giant soulless, lifeless structures, not that different to an aircraft hangar.

At least, after your pub gig, you’ve got beer and wine on tap.

There’s usually a kitchen that serves food until really late, plus you’ve got pretty surroundings and a nice ambience, and maybe even an open fire.

Okay, you will have earned around £500,000 for playing the arena gig, 
compared with around £50 plus free drinks for the pub gig, but is it really worth all that extra cash, when you can’t get some nice food or a drink in a cosy bar afterwards?

Of course not.

n Anyone else get fed up with having to water the plants after the winter is over?

I’ve had to do it a couple of times and after not doing it for so long it becomes a real chore. If it’s survival of the fittest, why should I give them any help?

They survived over the winter, so why should I help them survive when the weather turns nice?

Come on plants! If you’re clever enough to attract bees, you’re clever enough to feed yourselves, surely.