I hope they’re happy, but it’s the kids I worry about

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Idon’t normally write about the goings-on in celebland because it’s a subject that really doesn’t interest me that much.

But I simply couldn’t stay silent when I read that Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh is reportedly getting married for the third time, this time to her personal trainer Dan Hooper.

According to the Daily Mail, they only started dating seven months ago and he proposed after whisking her off to a Manchester hotel.

She’s now confirmed it in her OK magazine column.

So he’s set to become number three hubby after Kym’s failed marriages to former EastEnders star Jack Ryder and ex-Hollyoaks actor Jamie Lomas.

Kym has three children from her previous relationships and it’s this aspect that concerns me whenever celebs get hitched again.

I certainly don’t begrudge them happiness, but I worry about the effect on their kids.

Kym seems to be emulating fellow famous faces beginning with K such as Kerry Katona and Katie Price, where relationships end and others begin, the newspapers and magazines have something else to write about and the celebs concerned keep their name in the public eye.

Meanwhile the children involved have to get used to yet another figure in their lives.

If Wikipedia is correct, then Kerry is up to five children and three husbands, while Katie has a similar tally.

Now Kym is set to join the three hubbies club, but with two fewer children.

I sincerely hope that she and her new husband-to-be find contentment.

But I’m afraid that, to me, Kym comes across as one of those ladies who always needs to be with someone and in love all of the time.

Perhaps people like her should be working on their self-esteem instead of jumping into relationships.

No doubt we can look forward to seeing pages and pages of photographs of Kym’s next nuptials in OK.

But I won’t be buying a copy.

If it’s the real deal, then why not forget the publicity and get married in private instead?