I just hope we can have an informed vote on the EU

Cassette tapes are making a comeback
Cassette tapes are making a comeback
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Whether or not Boris has a vested interest in joining the ‘out’ campaign, my fear is that many will vote on who they prefer as a politician and not on what is best for the country.

Ask yourself this. Would leaving the EU really make us any richer or safer than we already are?

For the next four months I will be listening to or watching as many programmes on this issue as I can.

I want to hear from people who can give a non-biased opinion.

If we had to vote today, I would say I’m 95 per cent certain I would vote to stay within the EU.

Why would we want to leave?

I look at the country today. We are in very good shape.

We have the fifth biggest economy in the world. We are certainly not poor.

Our economy is doing very well, we are leading lights in Europe and the emerging markets want to invest in the UK.

We are the fourth biggest car manufacture in Europe and may overtake France very soon as more motor companies see the quality of work produced here.

Contrary to the belief of some, we are not overrun with immigrants.

We don’t have an open door policy like that of the Germans.

Remember, you still need to produce a passport when entering and leaving the country.

Ask yourself this. Would leaving the EU really make us any richer or safer than we already are?

Do we want to be as tough as Australia when it comes to immigration?

I think it would have been easy to have left what was the EEC, but the EU is such a large beast now.

We are tangled up deep in its web and, by being at the centre of it, at least we can have a big say in it.

I’m just hoping this doesn’t become a massive media circus, with politicians looking for bragging rights or to further their careers.

People must realise that this vote has huge implications for us for the next 50 years.

I hope we can make an informed vote, not a popularity vote.


The humble audio cassette is making a comeback, with artists such as Justin Bieber and Adele releasing albums in this format.

In this digital age, where our favourite songs are a touchscreen away, stored in the ether, it seems younger generations now want a product they can touch. Vinyl sales are at their highest in years.

Sadly TDK stopped making blank tapes in 2012, but the trusty Maxell is still going.

I wonder how long before kids are recording songs off the radio in their bedrooms again, poised over the pause button and ready to press it whenever the DJ starts to talk?

Best make sure I don’t talk too much over the end of Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith tracks then!


My brother-in-law Rob and his girlfriend Rhea returned from travelling in South America last weekend.

They’ve been together for eight years and, as we all got together to see them, I think the hope was that Rob had popped the question.

When he said he had an announcement, excitement mounted.

‘We haven’t got engaged and Rhea isn’t pregnant’ Rob said.

Mass disappointment. Then he said: ‘But we are married!’

Yep, they married in London the day before they left and their honeymoon was spent in South America.

What a cool way to do it! Just them and the two people who got them together as witnesses. Goes to show, you should do what feels right for you as a couple.