I know I'll end up looking like a large blancmange

Wow! We've waited a long time for this, but I'm delighted to announce that my sister Michelle gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl, Sienna Florence, on Wednesday morning last week (a day after my birthday).

Friday, 18th November 2016, 6:01 am
Updated Friday, 18th November 2016, 12:23 pm
Prince Harry

Michelle actually went into labour on my birthday. Her waters broke round at my house while I was in London (I’m still not really sure what she was doing there in the first place – must find out).

Everyone was flapping about the fact she was going to give birth on my birthday and it was looking very likely.

I did say to Michelle that there are 365 days in the year, but that if her bubba wanted to arrive and share my day, then so be it.

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But little Sienna clearly wanted her own day and she came into the world on Wednesday morning.

She’s absolutely gorgeous and I love her so much already.

It’s weird how someone can just arrive and feel like they’ve been there as part of the family forever.

I’m so proud of my sister, who apparently went through a rather horrendous labour.

I say apparently because no-one will really tell me about it.

The reason? I haven’t had a baby yet and, according to Michelle, ‘it’s in my best interests not to know’.

Great – thanks for that.

Anyway, given what she’s been through, Michelle looks quite amazing.

She has put on barely more than a stone, which hurts me greatly.

Why? Well, I know that when it’s my turn to bear a child I shall end up look like something resembling a large blancmange.

Michelle looks like the epitome of health – all glowing and slim already. Bite me!.

In the days since little Sienna’s arrival, our conversations have turned from being about nights out and weekends away to breastfeeding, nappy-changing and sleep patterns.

Oh how one’s life can change.

Still, our little bubba is finally here and all is good, so what more can one ask for?

A good night’s sleep apparently! Welcome to motherhood, Michelle.


So Prince Harry is no longer a single man. Sorry ladies, but the funny, ‘cool’ one is currently off the market – and it’s been confirmed by the royal family’s press office.

It seems our ginger prince is all loved up with US actress Meghan Markle.

You probably don’t know who she is, unless you watch the popular TV series Suits, in which she plays a sexy paralegal whose ambition is to become a lawyer.

It’s a fab series and I used to watch it on my journey to work in London.

I think it’s fab that they’ve found each other and, although distance will undoubtedly play a part in whether they go the long haul or not, I think our Harry deserves to be happy.

I think Meghan would be a great fit for the royal family.


Who’s been watching this year’s I’m A Celebrity...’?

It’s the only reality TV series I religiously watch every year and I love it.

This year’s season kicked off well – the only tiny issue is that they all get on a little too well.

I know it’s lovely that there are no feuds and they’re all one big happy family, but from a viewer’s point of view, you want to see some action, don’t you?

I wouldn’t say it’s a stellar line-up this year – Larry Lamb and Carol Vorderman are probably the most famous.

She looks incredibly hot for her age, but at the moment, it’s all just a bit too nice.

I’m hoping for the return of Lady C, who was in it last year. She certainly stirred things up!