I laughed out loud as he jerked my head to the left

Vital to plan together in case disaster should strike

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There are times when I worry about myself and a trip to the chiropractor this week underrlined the point.

I suffered a prolapse of the lower spine last summer while training for the Great South Run.

You may remember my embarrassment as I was bent over double on Stokes Bay seafront.

Unable to straighten my back, I had to waddle home with my legs parted in a way that suggested I had had an accident in my shorts.

After physiotherapy I made a great recovery, even if I wasn’t able to run the race.

Well a pretty tough game of squash followed by decorating put pressure on my old back and by the weekend, it felt like someone had shot me!

The chiropractor was spot on with his diagnosis.

My shoulders lean me to one side and my pelvis to the other and one leg is slightly longer than the other.

Why I enjoyed him putting all his weight on my right hip, clicking it into place, then following the procedure on the other side, is beyond me.

But actually I laughed out loud as he jerked my head to the left, making my neck make three loud cracks, and again to the right.

I also find giving blood enjoyable. I like to watch the needle enter my vein and then watch the blood pour down the tube.

I like to see how fast I can donate a pint. Can I give it quicker than the person in the cubicle next to me?

I like the dentist too. I fell asleep once whilst having a filling and had to be reminded to stay awake and not let my head drop.

I asked my listeners if I was a bit strange enjoying these things. Well it turns out I’m not alone.

One lady loves waxing her legs. Not for the benefit of silky smooth legs, but for the sensation it gives her.

Another caller enjoys her eyebrows being threaded and a gentleman from Waterlooville says he prefers the deepest of sports massages.

To him, a torn muscle is a delight rather than a disaster as it gives him an excuse for another massage.

So what’s your guilty pleasure?