I’ll be watching them like a hawk

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It was always shrouded in secrecy, kept in the closet and spoken about only in whispers. I’m talking about dementia.

When I watched Monday’s Panorama programme Undercover Elderly Care, my heart froze.

Jane Worrall’s mother Maria, 81, who has Alzheimers, moved into a care home in 2011.

After six weeks, Jane was concerned about bruises on her mother’s arms and legs and her mood changing from generally happy to mainly tearful.

Jane bought a camera disguised as a clock and put it in her mother’s room.

Recorded over two nights, the footage was sickening and shocking.

Maria was manhandled by four female carers.

Then a male carer pushed and shoved her and was filmed slapping her six times.

This week Jane got justice with female carers reportedly sacked and a male carer jailed.

But that doesn’t ease my fears, folks.

Because this week I spoke with my mother’s excellent social worker and psychiatric nurse.

I feel her dementia is deteriorating and I worry for her safety in her own home.

They (the professionals) assure me that, with help from carers, she can cope.

But I tell you what, the day my mum does go into a care home, I will be watching them like a hawk. Nothing will get past me, I’ll make sure of that.

And finally...

Ladies and gents, if you’d like a bit of visual bedazzlement tomorrow why not toddle down to the Portsmouth Guildhall?

For the 10th year running, honed and toned men and women will be flexing their muscles for the UK Bodybuilding Fitness Foundation (BFF) South Coast qualifier.

I did mention to organiser Paul Smith that I was available to rub oil on all those Brit boys’ bulging biceps and triceps and finely-honed thighs.

Eee, behave yourself Miss James, you are an old age pensioner now.

Well, a girl can dream, dear See you there.