I’ll keep on tucking into Big Macs with full confidence

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I do like a good conspiracy theory. It’s what makes us human, questioning everything and trying to discover the truth.

This week McDonald’s took the unprecedented step of inviting the cameras of Good Morning America, the most-watched breakfast show in the US, into one of its factories.

For as long as McDonald’s has been flipping burgers, rumours have abounded about what actually goes into its burgers and chicken nuggets.

Talk of pink gunk and worm meat have been the latest suggestions on the internet, so I suppose McDonald’s bosses thought enough is enough.

The live footage showed the meats arriving and being processed into patties, then frozen.

What was most interesting was that the burgers were intact, 100 per cent beef.

Did man really land on the moon? Was it all footage filmed in a studio by NASA and beamed out across the world?

There are claims that a shadow cast by Neil Armstrong on the lunar surface could not possibly have been created by the sun.

Surely the Russians were watching. Don’t you think they would have noticed something?

My favourite theory is from fans of The Beatles who say Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash in 1966 and replaced with a look and sound-a-like, a certain ‘Billy Shears’.

Billy is mentioned on the Sgt Pepper album and the reg plate of the VW Beetle in the background on the cover of Abbey Road ends 281F.

Some say this means Paul would have been 28 at the time – IF he was still alive.

One lady phoned up the radio station this week to prove the point, adding that this is why The Beatles had no decent hits after 1966.

She must have forgotten Penny Lane and Lady Madonna, penned by Paul (or Billy) in 1967 and 1968.

No, for me things are very black and white.

No ghosts or UFOs and Elvis doesn’t now live on Hayling Island with a farm of llamas.

Then again, I am open-minded. So until I see things differently, I shall be tucking into a Big Mac with full confidence.