I’ll read Fifty Shades when my wife finally puts it down

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A promiscuous man is called a stud. It’s seen as a compliment. But a promiscuous woman is called something completely different and derogatory. It’s seen as shameful.

So isn’t it strange that a man seen reading an erotic book would be regarded as a bit seedy, whereas more or less every other woman I know is reading Fifty Shades of Grey openly in public?

Yes, I do have a fascination about this book and no, I haven’t read it. Maybe I should when my wife finally gets to the end and puts it down.

Women everywhere are raving about Fifty Shades. On our honeymoon cruise, most female passengers seemed to be reading it.

The swimming pools just contained men as the ladies simply didn’t want to stop reading. I can vouch for the fact that this is a real literary phenomenon.

The book divides opinion. Some say that its storyline puts women’s lib back 50 years as, well, let’s just say the female character in the novel is more of a slave than anything else.

But plenty of others appear to love the tale of billionaire businessman Christian Grey’s romance with literature student Anastasia Steele.

It always makes me chuckle when you look at how women’s relationship with all things sexual is far more open and fun than for men.

Ann Summers parties seem a scream, but there is no way on earth men could hold such a party. It would seem tacky and seedy.

The same goes for hen parties. People would run a mile if the stag turned up at a nightclub with condoms hanging from his head!

It’s perfectly acceptable for women to openly lust over David Beckham or members of Take That.

But if a man reacts the same way about Cheryl Cole or Holly Willoughby, we’re accused of letching.

So women can openly lust after men, hold parties to improve their love life and read racy novels that would make a Chippendale blush. Men cannot.

So why do we still have a Page 3 girl? It seems so outdated now. Maybe bosses at The Sun are thinking of replacing this with a Fifty Shades story each day.