I long for the day when my kids appreciate each other

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Last week a report showed it takes us 25 years to appreciate our siblings.

I grew up an only child and perfected the art of playing with imaginary friends and talking to myself.

There were occasions when I wished I had a sibling. but on the whole I enjoyed not having to share my Easter eggs with anybody and having all of my parent’s attention.

My kids, 10-year-old Joshua and seven-year-old Erin, are a nightmare and I long for the day they finally learn to appreciate one another.

My kids argue about everything from the second I collect them from school. They fight about who holds daddy’s umbrella or who sits in the front of the car.

Once back home they can’t be left alone for a second. I even have to stand guard at the top of the stairs to supervise them getting changed out of their uniform.

I then have to select a television programme they can both agree on which is normally an impossible task.

Funnily enough the only thing they do agree on is that doing homework is rubbish.

Lou: My sister and I are two-and-a-half years apart in age. We never really got on as kids, because we’re so different.

As is often the way with younger children, she was cooler and more outgoing than me. I was the wimpy one and therefore a pretty terrible older sister!

I always wanted to have a later bedtime. Even 10 minutes would have been enough, but it never worked because I’ve always really needed my sleep, whereas Emily can stay awake all night if she feels like it!

My only saving grace was that I was considerably taller than her, I’m no giant, but Emily always looked a good couple of years younger than she actually was.

This meant I was able to go on rollercoasters and other height-restricted attractions for years before she was allowed!

I realise this isn’t anything to shout about, but it was all I had. Since we’ve both left home we’ve finally decided that having a sister is okay.

So I guess 25 years is pretty accurate. I won’t tell Jez he’s got another 15 years to wait for his kids to make friends though!