I love Cheryl’s book because she’s been refreshingly open

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I’ve been reading Cheryl Cole’s autobiography and I have to admit that it’s fantastic.

It gets off to a really slow start, where she goes into monumental detail about her turbulent upbringing.

That’s a bit boring because, let’s be honest, the only thing we really want to know is what on earth happened with her marriage to Ashley.

I’m delighted (but also feel a tad guilty for being so nosy) to say that she does go on to reveal all.

It’s massively changed my opinion of her – for the better. Not because it’s gossipy, but because she’s honest about how crushed she felt and still feels.

What I love about the book is that Cheryl is refreshingly open about her life.

A ‘must read’ for all those celeb-obsessed people like me!