I loved watching Eurovision, but I didn’t like the booing

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I had my first Eurovision experience at the weekend.

Although I’d obviously heard all about it on radio and TV, I’d never actually watched the show.

It had always been portrayed as a bit of a joke in the media, so I never really ever gave it much thought.

That was until last weekend! Our friends, Stacy and Daron Smith, invited us over for a Eurovision party.

They decorated their house with English flags and balloons and Stacy wore red, white and blue clothes.

I felt terrible because all we had were a couple of blow-up England batons and even those didn’t blow up properly (stupid £1 range). Our efforts were pretty pathetic really.

I did tell Matt I was going to paint my face with the cross of St George, but he said that wasn’t going to happen.

I shouldn’t have listened to him as we were the ones who looked silly for not bothering!

Anyway, Stacy and Daron’s house was decked out on an English theme and Stacy had laid out a spread of lovely food too.

The only problem was I had to constantly run upstairs, take my damn brace out, eat and drink a bit, then return to the bathroom to clean my teeth and put the brace back in.

It was such an effort. Two weeks into having this brace, it’s already proving detrimental to my social life.

Daron had organised a Eurovision sweepstake and we all picked teams with a cheeky few pennies on for good measure.

I didn’t do very well – Aaron and Laura, who turned up a bit later, won all the bets despite the fact they weren’t there to pick the teams so you can imagine we all took that well!

I loved Eurovision. It was such fun and Graham Norton, who hosted the show, was brilliant.

The only thing I didn’t like was how political it can get. Whenever Russia’s name was mentioned the whole crowd booed so loudly.

I felt terrible because Russia’s contestants were two 17-year-old girls.

Anyway, I’m hoping we get an invitation to next year’s Eurovision party – and this time I’m going decked out head to toe in England paraphernalia!