I’m becoming more and more impatient behind the wheel

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I’m becoming more and more intolerant as a driver these days. Is it my fault or has the style of driving changed?

I always remember driving in London for the first time. My friend said you had to be rather ‘aggressive’ in your manner, otherwise you would never move.

What he meant by that was not letting anyone move into the space ahead of you and slowly edging out at junctions into oncoming traffic.

I found this very exhausting and looked forward to getting back on the A3 for the drive home to more ‘tranquil’ surroundings.

But these London driving techniques are slowly making their way down south. On my drive to work from Alverstoke to Segensworth, the amount of people edging out from a junction, making oncoming traffic stop to make way, is increasing.

My blood boils going through Stubbington as an Audi or Range Rover driver pulls out from a junction, only for the courteous lady in the Honda Jazz ahead of me to let them out.

But it’s our right of way!

That same lady in the Jazz, who has never driven in London, is now only managing 20mph.

This means I have a BMW driver right behind me gesturing like an All Black rugby player doing the Haka.

Down our way, you also notice parking practices more akin to London.

It’s anywhere you find a space, whether near to junctions blocking visibility or forcing you to the other side of the road on a blind corner.

At times like this, I wish I were a police officer because I’d flash my badge at obnoxious drivers and delight in their response.

Sadly I’m not a police officer, but an increasingly impatient driver, wanting to get from A to B without meeting a bully or a dawdler along the way.

Maybe I should give my blood pressure a chance and catch the bus?

Then again, the last one from Segensworth leaves 15 minutes before I finish work.

And don’t get me started on cycling...

Come on people, let’s love each other a bit more on our roads. It would make life a lot less stressful.